Jul 08

There’s No Tomorrow

I watched this chilling documentary on YouTube last week and highly recommend everyone watch it as well. There’s No Tomorrow is an animated documentary focusing on energy and economics. I checked out the facts and they are true. This is a massive wake up call to everyone and well worth watching.


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  1. Hometown Honey

    Thanks for sharing! I watched it and am glad I did. It’s good to know how to plan for the future.

  2. stephanie

    looking for some prepper in fulton mo would like to meet some folks like me, thank you

    1. Eddie and Denise

      We live near waynesville. We are trying to find like minded people too. To exchange ideas and preps.

  3. Ali Jones

    I’m in Warrensburg vicinity. Interested in meeting other like minded people.

  4. Sandy

    Anyone in the Rolla area interested in prepping? Would like to meet to share prepping ideas.

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