Jun 28

Welcome to Missouri Preppers

Hello my name is John Davis and I am the Midwestern Regional Coordinator for the APN. We have a great meet up group in Kansas CIty and an affiliate in Columbia but I’d like to see more meet up groups forming in Missouri. I am also looking for a State Coordinator to help with this job as well as moderate the forums and blog. Please feel free to use the forums to discuss any ideas or comments you may have. Be Prepared.


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  1. Kelly Johnston

    Im really new to this game and have little to go on as far as getting myself prepaired for whatever. If a group does form in st. louis, mo I would love to come. As far as prepairness goes Im working with a small budget and Im pretty much on my own to figure out stuff. so let me know if and when a group forms. Thanks Kelly

    1. Brian S

      I also would be interested in meeting with a group in the St Louis area, I live in the Wentzville area, there is bound to be something out here, as populated as we are.

      1. fran


      2. fran

        Hello, I am about 20 min, from you. I also want to find a group.

      3. Roy

        Hello, I live in Ofallon, also interested,,,Doc

        1. fran

          Sorry Roy I haven’t been on for awhile, are you still interested

          1. Roy

            Hello, yes still interested,,,let me know,,,Doc

        2. Crickett Barbour-Robertson

          Interested in a group near St Louis MO.

    2. fran

      I haven’t been on for a while, if you want to contact me, boonies138atyahoodotcom

  2. Kris

    I live in Willard (close to Springfield) and am looking for a group to connect with. I would be willing to start one if I knew where to look for interested participants. Any suggestions? Thanks!

    1. leigh

      I also live in the Willard area on a small farm and have started prepping. I am a little cautious on who i would contact for many reasons but it would be great to find a few good people to have a more local nework in my area. What are your thoughts?

      1. Kris

        Hi Leigh!

        I know exactly what you are talking about with “cautiousness”…(is that a word?) I don’t want everyone that I know showing up to claim my hard work and resources because they couldn’t be bothered to do it themselves : / .

        I would really like to try and start up a local group to just bounce ideas off of and maybe share in some bulk purchases. I have some friends in Fair Grove who are looking for the same.

        Email me if you want to try and get together :) ftgspfld@aol.com


        1. leigh

          I found out about a group that meets in springfield every friday at ziggies 530pm, sounds like they give a fountain of information there from what I hear. I’m going to try and give it a go. Still will look for people a short horse ride from me,,,lol

          1. Kris

            Awesome! Which Ziggies? I will try to make it :) -Kris

          2. leigh

            the one at sunshine and glenstone, maybe i’ll see you there, its in the lamplighter i think

      2. Renee

        Hey Leigh, we live here in springfield, meaning my husband, my son and I. We are looking to join up with some people to work together with everything going on. Draw off of each others strong points. Please let me know if you are interested in meeting maybe working together to start and setup a group of people that are trustworthy.
        Thanks Renee

        1. joe

          Ginger, I am actively trying to form a “community” of sorts. If/when the shtf, its gonna take a community to thrive/ defend. Every Sunday at 4:00 at radiant light church, we discuss this very stuff. You are welcome to attend. If you just want/ info/advice, you can email me at joeringuette@yahoo.com. I too am going through a split with my long time girlfriend, but she has always thought I was crazy anyway for my prepping, so that hasn’t affected my preparedness except that I do it alone now instead of having a partner. Contact me anytime.

        2. leigh

          we should try and meet up some time, there are meetings at ziggies on friday nights at 6pm at sunshine and glenstone my daughters and I have been to a few and have picked up some information there. Let me know if you will be going to one and we will try and meet up there. L

          1. Kris

            Hi Leigh!

            I went to Ziggies and looked around on a Friday night and couldn’t figure out which group you guys were : /. There were people everywhere and I just left. Where do you guys usually sit?


          2. Leigh

            the main room normally, some order dinner first, we havent been the last 3 weeks, work,,,,blaaa next time just ask one of the wait staff and they will tell you.

    2. Cody Johnson

      hey I live in Republic Mo just outside springfield all of you guys sounds like we can form something together.Is there anyway to take the group to a diffrent place as it seems the group is becoming to large for ziggies never been before and will be coming off the road soon anyone from the springfield area fill free to contact me @ walkindeadunit69@yahoo.com thank you

      1. Kris

        Ok guys! How about we just give it a shot. Is anybody available to meet at 6:00 at Pizano’s Pizza (515 E. Jackson St., Willard) on Tuesday evening?

  3. Corey

    Hey Kris, my name is Corey and I live in west Springfield (Willard sch district). I am looking to join a group or form one. If your interested I’d love to chat. My email is the letter C, then the letter R, followed by these numbers 0185631@otc.edu

    I look forward to hearing from ya, Corey

  4. Joe

    I would love to see a group formed in Southeast ,MO. Jefferson County area. I am a hardcore prepper, and I have alot of skills to share to my fellow Americans. I am a former Anti-Terrorism Instructor and NBC Instructor. I am teaching my self Blacksmithing and I recommend that everyone learns a skill that can be used in the event I believe will happen in the near future. Anyone who wants to share knowledge is free to contact me by my email at joeringuette@yahoo.com.

    1. Ginger

      Hi Joe,

      I just ran across your post and have just started looking for preppers in my area. I’m in Cape County and live in Jackson. I’m not sure, but I’m thinking Jefferson County is in/around the St. Louis area.

      I had ALWAYS been prepared while I had my family (survival kits in the car and lets not forget the whole Y2K) but my sons are now grown and I’m divorced so I’m now having to start all over. I would certainly appreciate any help you could give me regarding “long term” survival. My email is only1ginger@yahoo.com.


  5. David

    I can’t find the information about the Kansas City Prepper group. I clicked on the Meetups page link. However, my computer was never able to find the information.

    John, if you or someone else could contact me with when and where you meet, I would really appreciate it.




  6. Lois

    My husband and I are an interracial couple. Interested in purchasing a small homestead in Missouri. He is a former Marine and I am a nurse. Our budget is limited but we have begun prepping and would like to meet likeminded people to network. We are in Illinois now but Missouri bound! We don’t want to be on top of the New Madrid fault, but would consider anywhere else where racial tolerance would be found.

    1. Joe ringuette

      Lois, first, I am also a Marine, so to ur husband, Semper Fi! I live in Jefferson County, MO. In a town called desoto,. This place is racially tolerant, though it is a shame that this is even an issue u have to deal with. Anyway the county I live in is rich in hunting and has the cleanest water in the country. My fiance and I have just begun prepping ourselves and are also seeking like minded people to come together with in the coming crisis. As a plus we have our church meeting every Sunday that meets and also discusses prepping and the forming of a community it this said crisis. Each week we have “assignments” that we are tasked with to research that we then bring to the next meeting to discuss, such as gardening, canning, and my specialty, defense, which I am sure, ur husband can contribute to, being a U.S. Marine….Ooh Rah! Feel free to contact me I can give u more info or discuss with u or ur husband what we can do. God Bless.

  7. Kevin

    We’re in Windsor and would love to connect with other nearby preppers!

  8. Scott

    My wife and I are close to Mark Twain Lake, We are just starting out and like most others Our budget is limited. We are looking for like minded people. Who have ideas, and would like to start meetings. Anyone who wants to share knowledge is free to contact me by my email at dustytick169@yahoo.com

  9. Brock

    Where at in Missouri are u headed? I am a former marine and my other half is going to school to be a surgery tech. Think we would have a lot in common. :) I am located in Franklin county

  10. avatar33

    Hi everyone, this is my first post here.

    I live 30 miles south of STL ( Pevely) , hoping to meet more people who are preppers in my area ( STL, STL county, and Jefferson County).

    1. Scott

      Welcome, I am in Ralls county. So its a bit out of your way. But anyways welcome.

  11. joe

    I am in Desoto an ex Marine and a prepper. Looking to start meeting with others, a community of sorts. I have my wife and kids and want to preserve the American way of life. Contact me at joeringuette@yahoo.com

  12. Kris

    Ok….for anybody who is interested, let’s meet at Pizano’s Pizza (Jackson St. in Willard) on Tuesday evening at 6:00. I just threw a time and place out there. If somebody has a better suggestion, I am totally open to adjusting the particulars.

    Let’s get this ball rolling!

    -“Kris” tina

    1. Kevin

      We’re located in Windsor and are looking for contacts within a one hour drive. It would be great to meet some other local preppers. We’re just getting started so it would be good to compare notes and get to know each other.


      1. Kris


        From what I can tell, we look to be about 45 minutes out of your range : /.

      2. joe r

        I live in desoto and would like to meet up with others in my area to compare notes. Joeringuette@yahoo.com

      3. Lucinda

        Th’eres nothing like the relief of finding what you’re looking for.

  13. Elizabeth Peterson

    Hi all..I’m new to prepping and looking for like-minded individuals. Anyone in the Jopliln area?

    1. Billie

      Dear Elizabeth: I just found your post from Feb. I live in Mount Vernon and hope to find people in our corner or Mo.If you’re still interested please contact me at bflaster2226@gmail.com. Maybe we can find other prepper nearby. Billie

      1. Anthony

        Thank you, I’ve recently been schneairg for information about this subject for a long time and yours is the best I have came upon till now. But, what in regards to the bottom line? Are you positive concerning the source?|What i don’t realize is actually how you are now not really a lot more smartly-favored than you may be right now. You are so intelligent.

    2. Pablo

      Clear, inrefmativo, simple. Could I send you some e-hugs?

  14. Vince

    Is there anyone in the Jackson county area….is there a group near or around this vicinity….would be very interested in meeting like minded people….

  15. Vince

    This is my first post on this site….Is there anyone in the Jackson county area….is there a group near or around this vicinity….would be very interested in meeting like minded people….

  16. Jeff

    Just joined up, I’m outta Owensville, see there’s a club in Columbia, like to start a local group, real interested in meeting like minded people

  17. Paladin Prepper


    I live east of Richmond, but work in Independence. Contact me privately at PaladinPrepper@gmail.com.

    Paladin Prepper

  18. Bob

    Hello my name is bob my wide and I just moved to the lake area Oregon we started prepping about 2years show have lost every thing and have to start over. so we are looking for a group of folks to get ideas from .so let me thank in advance

  19. Billie

    Hi, I’m Billie and live in Mount Vernon hoping to contact other preppers in this area or Joplin or Springfield area. Please contact me at bflaster2226@gmail.com. Thanks Billie

  20. jim_62

    Hi we live in St Clair co there is a cool store in Polk co it called Mill st market its on 13 hwy they sale bulk food. Also they have group meetings very nice place.

  21. Charles - Holly

    Moving back home in about 18 months, our sons are in St. Louis and my sister is in Springfield. Mid- preppers, heavy on survival, equipment, firearms / ammo and medical. Knowing we will move we are light on food and water at this point. Looking to find somewhere we have like minded neighbors but not staring at them from my bathroom window but within a reasonable distance. International Defensive Pistol Instructor and Safety Officer, Holly and I have gone to multiple weapons classes etc. looking for a prepper group to work with.

    Appreciate all help and comments.

    Thank you,


    1. Scott

      Hey Charles and Holly, My wife Marsha and I ( Scott ) live in the NE part of Mo. About 10 miles or so from Monroe city. We have been prepping for about 6 yrs. We have a little over 6 ac. And there is 10 ?? for sale down the road from us.. If interested give me a write back.
      Take care.
      Scott & Marsha

      1. Abhishek

        At last, sonomee who knows where to find the beef

    2. Renee Spar

      Hey Charles and Holly my name is Renee, my family and I live in Buffalo, very much like minded. Buffalo is about 28 miles North of Springfield. Keep in touch if we can help let us know
      We live off of about 1 acre. We have been prepping for about 10 yrs. My husband is Military, I have a back ground in a lot of different areas, just so I can be more prepared. We hunt, fish, can, garden. There are so nice places around here for sale without having to spend a lot for what you get.
      Keep in touch
      Robert and Renee

    3. Billie

      Dear Charles: I just found this website myself and am looking for a group of like minded people. Contact me when you get to the area and hopefully I will have located what we are both looking for. Thanks, Billie

      1. Denim

        Evnyeore would benefit from reading this post

  22. phil

    i am new to prepping but i love it

    1. Artie

      That’s a mo-dlbreaker. Great thinking!

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