Mar 25

Prepper meetup groups in Missouri


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http://www.meetup.com/columbiapreppers/ (Partner Group)

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  1. Sharlene

    Are there any other preppers close to Branson/Springfield? We need some support down here and I’m sure there are alot of us here….Any suggestions?

    1. Russ

      We are Preppers/Survivalists located in Springfield, MO.

      What are you looking for?

      1. Rick

        Do you guys ever get together/meetings?

      2. Philbe

        We live a couple of miles north of Springfield. We go to Springfield frequently to the Preppers Expo, Camping World and other shopping areas and love to camp in the vacinity. We can’t seem to find like-minded “camping people” in our specific area that are serious about “dry camping” if they need to after a disaster. Do you have meetups on regular basis? The group we met with today are mostly from Kansas.

      3. Renee

        Hey Russ, noticed your post, my family and I are looking to join up with some trusted people. We are very commented to protecting what we have and being ready for what ever comes down the pike.

        1. Sandra Chambers

          Hay I am new here. So I hope I am doing this right…. lol My husband and I are looking to buy land in Southwestern MO. My family is from Southern MO. My grandmother prepped me for this long ago. She taught me how to live off the land and make due what you have. She taught me the old ways of handling medical problems. My husband grew up on a Dairy farm. We are both hunters. I can butcher, smoke meat as well as grow our veg’s. We are looking to move from the Alton IL area in the next yr. Would like to hook up with folks with like minds.

          1. rob

            My name in Rob in live in Butler Cty mo And offer memberships in a self reliace self suffiency net work check out the web page if if you are interested call or email or tex me I would lkie to meet you! ABC4SOS.com

    2. Paul

      Hi, my name is Paul, live in Cape Fair near Branson West. New to prepping, want to learn off grid solar for my home, gardening, canning, etc. any ideas?

      1. Paul

        I’m near branson, cape fair to be exact. new to this, want to learn self suficiency, solar, gardening, etc.

  2. scott smith

    i live in buffalo mo 32 miles north of springfield on hwy 65. i was in the marine corp for 8yrs and im a singal parent. my oldest son lives with me but my 2 youngest live with thier mom in eldon mo. i dont make much money, but do know servival skills. and combat tactics.we have started a food, weapons, ammo, nbc, and medical storage.and would like to make contacts and meet up with like minded people and maybe train and help others.so if you would like to contact me i prefer to use phone or postal mail. my address is 729. s. oak buffalo, mo.65622 and would prefer a letter 1st and then ill give you my phone number.sorry just alittal paraoid.

    1. Renee

      Hey Scott, we are looking to join up with someone who has the interests in mind. My husband is ex-marine. Which really is no such thing. Once a marine always a marine. We have a lot of skills and willingness to add to the right person or family. I will send a letter to you and keep in touch. We need to find someone to trust and hang tight with.

  3. Ken

    I am in the suburbs of St. Louis if anyone is interested in getting to know other preppers.

    1. Anthony

      hey ken what part of the suburbs, im in affton, south county

  4. Kelc

    Hi Ken – Nice to meet you. I am in O’Fallon and I am interested in any local resources that you have found interesting.

  5. J.

    Any peppers in the Cape Girardeau area?

  6. Jeff

    My family and i are preppers my wife and i both work hard and try to raise our son with respect and dignity for others and would like to meet liked minded people to cultivate freindships. I grew up on a dairy farm hunted and worked hard my whole life and have a varity of usefull skills to share but still want to learn more we would like to hear from otherrs so shoot me a message. We live close to springfeildd as well

    1. Renee

      Hey Jeff, my name is Renee. My husband, son and I are preppers. We live just outside of Springfield. Would like to meet a like minded family. We really don’t want to get involved with large groups. We all have some great skills. Anything from canning to hunting. My email address is sparcrzie2@yahoo.com. Let me know if you guys would like to meet and visit a little to see if we are a good match.
      Have a great night

  7. Joseph

    Just wanted to know if there are any groups in the Hannibal Mo area. If not I would like to know if anyone in the area would like to start a group up with me. I was in the Army and have alot of skills that could be helpful when it comes to being in the woods. Or millitary tactics when it comes to clearing houses and setting up defensive positions with weapons. If any one is interested just let me know.


    1. john

      hey joe i am in bowling green area and have others ready to start a group. I am former Marine so we like minds. maybe we should talk!!! john

  8. jeff

    In the St. Louis area, new to prepping. Anyone local?

  9. Ruth Myers

    I am in Irondale, Missouri, 12 miles north of Potosi, Missouri….any preppers nearby can friend me on fb or we can catch up with one another on email at yahoo.

  10. kevin

    New to forum and in south st louis county. politically, i suppose i am a member of the beer party. I Anyone else around here crazy? I am interested in self sustainment, including electrical generation.

  11. rob

    Glad to have fund this site!
    I am hoping to expand my Emerency Perparednss Alliance.
    I live in Bulter County at the edge fo the Mark Twain National Forest in the Missouri Ozarks. I have spent most of my life as a Lone Wolf . Often times out in the bush for 30 days at a time alone. A Lone Wolf can surivive in the wilderness or urban area. But supplies and resources are hard to come by. The Wilderness will not provide what it did 30 years ago or even 10 years ago. Also, what if you get injured you will most probly die without assistance! I have had these experiences with bad luck I once dislocated a knee, Another time fractured a tibia and femur at the same time, I got 3rd degree burns, broke 3 ribs. Broke an ankle. Nearly drowned and lost my transportation all on week long excurtions. Each Time I had to adapt overcome and get my self to help alone. I even had to sew my own thumb back on once. One Time I even had to sew my Horse up.
    Bottom Line if you are Lone Wolfing it. You are the only help you have and you must depend on the gear and experience you have available. You can not sleep and provide security at the same time!
    There is a reason that the military works in a miminal of 6
    man teams and even then it is on the budy system. Even the Navy Seals, Marine Recon, Army Green Brets have a support base. and supply system. Even if it is the locals of the area they are operating in.
    Long Term Surivival depends on a support system Products and tools must be maded or bartered for. Security can only be found in numbers as the collpase lengthens in time frame. There has never been a fortress that has not been sacked given enough time. Simply because you can not stock enough supplies to last indifintely. So, all communties depend on farming or bartering for food. Thus, Survival Communities or Emergency Preparedness Alliances are a must. As society becomes older the need for muptible caregivers, workers, security and long range patrol or scagavers quickly add to the need for larger retreats.
    I was raised in Oregon County of the Missouri Ozarks. My family has lived here since the early 1800,s Our family gave the 175 acers of land to the county to have the town of Alton built to become the new county seat in 1840.Our family survived the war of 1812 , the Civil War, and the Great Depression in these Ozark Hills. I spent most of my youth in the timber hunting and fishing out doors and working the family farm. As I got older I began trapping and camping the area wilderness. This lead to becoming a guide for hunting, fishing, camping, canoeing, Horse back riding, and backpacking guide trips for the area. I spent ten years in the military traveling the world over. Came home and began the wilderness guide services. In the off seasson I spent years as a travel nurse traveling around our Great Country. The more I have seen the more concrened I have become about the futrue of America and our way of life. With that thought in Mind I began the The Emergency Preparedness Alliance with my neighbors. To ensure that as Americans we will always have a foundation to rebuild from. To restore and maintain the Self-Reliance and Self-Suffinency and American Independence I grew up with. Later I began building retreats for the WHAT IFS OF THE WORLD Now I would like to offer you a chance to expereince the piece of mind and long term security that preplanning can provide. CHECK OUT MY WEB PAGE Abc4sos.com

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