Sep 16

Colder days, ready your garden and your stores!

ready your garden for winterFrosty nights and cold days are just around the corner and approaching us fast. As with all seasons winter is no different when it comes to preparedness and for many it can be the most important season of all. Winter is that time for many of us that have not already started to begin our efforts to button up the homestead and be ready for the shorter and colder days that lie ahead.

Join Katzcradul on The Homestead Honey Hour as she talks about wrapping up the summer gardening and canning season. She’s planting ‘greens’, lettuces, spinach and kale every week, to have a never ending supply for the dinner table until the first winter frost. She’ll also talk about crops she leaves in the ground, even after the first snowfall. She’ll also be discussing what we need to do to put our garden to bed for the winter, in order to have it in tip-top shape for next spring’s planting. ready your garden for winter

Katz will also talk about the importance of taking stock of our equipment and supplies and replenishing where necessary…and not waiting until the last minute to do it. Although we ‘put the garden to bed’ for the winter, we should not be napping! Winter is the perfect time to catch up on all those odd jobs, that we find so hard to get to during the busy part of summer. She give a list of chores we should be working on during the ‘off season’. Join Katzcradul as she leads a lively discussion on The Homestead Honey Hour.

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Sep 04

Preparedness Skills and Topics for the Individual, Home, and the Neighborhood!

9-4GardensThis podcast is a culmination of several topics that are in response to several emails about my previous podcasts and articles. All of these email subjects can be tied together, however, under the topic of “Preparedness Skills.” I start this podcast by discussing some of the different methods that we learn important skills – and by this I am even referring to simple skills and knowledge such as what kinds of foods to can, dry canning vs. wet canning, the difference between short-range and long-range foods, etc.

9-4HerbalMedic2Thanks to the internet, we can get an amazing amount of information through articles, youtube, podcasts, blogs and so forth. In addition to that, there are of course thousands of books on any and all of the subjects surrounding the concepts of preparedness.

Is that enough? Or is it necessary to go to classes at a school to learn this information? What does a school give you that you can’t just get on your own? And if do want to attend a school, how do you go about finding one that actually fits exactly what your needs are so that you don’t waste any of your money?

Taking the skills from the individual to the family and community level, I talk about some very important concepts related to prepping around the home and neighborhood. Forest gardening, medicinal and food gardening, home and neighborhood defense, the “culture of community,” and how this helps create a stronger, more resilient force against those who would take what they want if there were no more rule of law on the streets.

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Sam Coffman
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Aug 24

What you perceive as reality may merely be an illusion.

Reality Check600x600Remember when you believed notions like, my government has my best interest at heart, the food in my grocery store is safe to eat, what’s reported on network news is the truth, my nest-egg is secure in the bank, the medical/pharmacological industries care about my health, or that it really mattered if you were a Republican or a Democrat? Remember when you began to get the first impressions that something wasn’t just right, that the everyday life you were living, wasn’t quite what it seemed, and that long-held truths were not true at all? You came to understand that much of what you had perceived as reality was merely an illusion. People in the ‘preparedness community’ refer to that time as when you became “awake”. You suddenly felt a sense of urgency, a need to search for what was true, and to prepare for the future. You might have developed a keen desire to learn to grown and preserve your own food, to get out of debt, or homestead honey 125to become more self sustaining. Do you still feel it? Do you wake-up every day, eager to pursue the path of self reliance, or have you decided to nap for a spell since nothing catastrophic has happened, and it seems nothing of real significance is looming on the horizon? Listen to this show from Katzcradul on The Homestead Honey Hour as she discusses recent news that should have us all on our feet and working just as diligently as we ever did to ensure our families are prepared to face a future fraught with challenge.

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Apr 23

The Homestead Honey Hour “Rocks” with how to information!

homestead honey 125Did you know one of our own from Missouri has been doing an internet radio show for preppers and anyone else that’s interested in a self sustainable lifestyle. Katzcradul is best known for her YouTube channel where she shares her skills in food preserving, canning, dehydrating, gardening, and a multitude of other things but has also been doing an internet radio show at Prepper Broadcasting on the same subjects.

Katzcradule, along with three other very knowledgeable women in self reliance make up the show “The Homestead Honey Hour” which airs every Thursday night 9:00pm/Est  8:00pm/Central at Prepper Broadcasting. Besides the wealth of information provided by the hosts the web site provides an interactive chat room that makes a great place to visit and discuss show topics with others having the same interests. Listeners to the shows can call in and share with others or ask questions of the hosts.

A.P.R. or Prepper Broadcasting has fifteen different host providing twelve different shows seven days a week. See the show schedule, GO HERE! Below is a show description and a player to listen to a recent broadcast from Katzcradule of The Homestead Honey Hour. As always It was an excellent show with lots of answers, tips and ideas. I’m sure you will enjoy.

Canning 100x100  1219121745bOh my!  How could the date have gotten away from us?  Can it be true that The Homestead Honeys missed their one year anniversary?  Yes, it’s absolutely true!  The Homestead Honey Hour premiered March 15, 2012 and it’s seems impossible that a whole years has passed since then.  Join Katzcradul Thursday night, as she looks at the year in review, and as she projects ahead to what you might look forward to in this second season.   She will also be taking calls, answering your questions concerning preparedness. She’ll share with you some of the great questions she’s been asked by viewers of her YouTube channel…and her answers to them.  Join the Honeys in the player below for what was a great show loaded with information you can use on your road to self-reliance.

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Feb 07

Glad to see people Talking

I really glad to see everyone communicating. I have found the best way to get a group together is by direct communication. I have a book I put together called the Bug OUt Bible. It’s free and has a ton of info in it. Over 1000 preppers have asked for it. I also have tons of US military manuals and other books, etc on digital format. All are available. They are a great asset when getting into prepping, being a old timer like myself, or starting a group. You can get copies just email me at Again glad to see you all commujnicating. John Davis Midwest Coordinator

Jan 30

Welcome to 2013

I’m glad to see so many requests for posts. We have all survived 2012 now we have to look forward to global recession, the strangest weather ever seen, and a number of other issues. In the MidWest I’ve seen new people signing up in Iowa and Missouri. I encourage everyone to start a meet up group in your area if you have not formed one yet. I’ve been taking a sabbatical for health reasons but I still read the posts and approve everyone so far. Remember what Ben Franklin said, “We either hang together, or we hang individually.”

Jul 08

There’s No Tomorrow

I watched this chilling documentary on YouTube last week and highly recommend everyone watch it as well. There’s No Tomorrow is an animated documentary focusing on energy and economics. I checked out the facts and they are true. This is a massive wake up call to everyone and well worth watching.

Jun 28

Welcome to Missouri Preppers

Hello my name is John Davis and I am the Midwestern Regional Coordinator for the APN. We have a great meet up group in Kansas CIty and an affiliate in Columbia but I’d like to see more meet up groups forming in Missouri. I am also looking for a State Coordinator to help with this job as well as moderate the forums and blog. Please feel free to use the forums to discuss any ideas or comments you may have. Be Prepared.

Mar 25

Prepper meetup groups in Missouri


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Columbia: (Partner Group)

Kansas City:

Mar 19

Emergency bag or go bag, region and environment dictates!

By Chris Watson aka RedHorse_Ronin
In Time of Disaster!
When considering what to carry and pack for emergencies, Karen and I agree that your region and environment dictates much of what you will carry.  Karen lives in a very dry, high altitude rural environment and I in an almost sea level heavily urbanized and humid locale.  We decided to break up our discussion of our respective concepts based upon our personal experiences and locations.

We began the discussion with a discussion of what I term EDC, or everyday carry, items.  Besides my wallet, sunglasses, and cell phone, my pockets and key chain hold many useful tools.  Pocket knife, magnets, multi-tools, lenses, led lights, and dog tags can all be found on my person usually.

Next we covered medical kits.  Drawing upon my experience as a former Emergency Medical Technician, we discussed what you can find in my vehicle trauma bags.  I discussed my rationale for many of the more unusual items I have in them.

We moved on to discussing vehicle bags.  We compared safety equipment and compared our GHB’s, or get home bags.  We really highlighted the importance of blending in with your environment and how military gear stands out in urban environments.  We discussed how rugged civilian and work wear is preferable sometimes.

We discussed the importance of water and some possible water sources while “on the march.”  We talked about filtration and safety and how your climate affect your required water consumption rate.

Finally, we discussed your BOB, or bug out bag. I talked about how military gear is more acceptable in this situation but blending in was still important and we discussed how we might interact with strangers on the road.  A healthy discussion of how much aid to render to strangers closed the show.

Listen to show below, you are sure to come away with ideas you may have overlooked.

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